About Capitol Sports Fields

Capitol Sport Fields is a professional company specializing in synthetic turf maintenance, advanced in-fill procedures, antimicrobial treatment, and athletic field renovation and repair. We utilize highly skilled and experienced technicians combined with specialized SMG equipment to enhance and maintain the long-term playability of synthetic surfaces. We understand the growth in popularity of synthetic turf systems and focus on working with manufacturers, owners, and facility managers to protect their investment and to maximize the performance and longevity of the turf surfaces.

Capitol Sport Fields offers a wide range of synthetic turf maintenance and repair services. Our synthetic turf “SportChamp Service” program is designed to enhance the performance and extend the life of the system through a series of processes utilizing SMG Equipment including field cleaning, in-fill de-compaction, and redistribution of the existing in-fill material. In addition to our synthetic turf service we offer a full range of natural grass maintenance systems including two types of aeration services, non evasive slit seeding, sodding, drainage, top dressing and fertilization programs.

For fields low in in-fill we utilize highly advanced SMG SandMatic in-fill machines to add a uniform layer on in-fill up to the required depth.We also offer repair services for all types of synthetic turf and pad systems in conjunction with our annual grooming services.

Capitol Sport Fields remains on the cutting edge of maintenance innovation with the introduction of our cleaning program for nylon (non-filled) synthetic surfaces and our RenoMatic in-fill removal process.

In addition, we offer Bac-Shield™ antimicrobial spray for synthetic turf fields as well as third-party G-Max testing and SandMatic service.

Let us assist you in achieving and maintaining maximum consistency and performance from your synthetic turf system.

Let the athletic field experts at Capitol Sports Fields provide you with our full range
of Natural and Artificial Turf Services.

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