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SMG RenoMatic
The RenoMatic RM1400 is able to remove sand and/or rubber granulates effectively and exactly dosed/regulated from artificial turf pitches. Excellent results will be achieved because of the precisely adjustable working depth of the pring shafts and the subsequent rotary brush.


SMG RotoTine
The SMG RotoTine RT1500 is designed to loosen the artificial turf infill material. It can also be used to remove the infill from the artifical turf by adjusting the working dept to a lower setting. Four adjustment spindles allow the adjustment of the working depth.

SMG Sandmatic
The SandMatic B1505RC fully meets the special demands placed on it by ultra-modern synthetic grass surfaces and even when the pile is extremely high the prescribed amounts of sand or granulate will be exactly distributed and worked into the system by use of non-rotating/oscillating brushes.

SMG SportChamp
The Sport Champ is a clean solution to the problem of caring for all synthetic surfaces for sporting activities. Regular use of the SportChamp for cleaning and maintenance ensures a surface that is not only always clean but also one that is long-lasting and provides optimal conditions for games and sports.

SMG TurfCare
The ground driven SMG TurfCare TCS1400 from SMG cleans and maintains the surface of sand and rubber filled synthetic turf pitches. The wheel drive makes the equipment independent from any hydraulic or power shaft drives.

Natural Turf Overseeder
Redexim Overseeder Dutch made overseeder that gives great seed to soil contact without disrupting the established turf. Can plant a variety of grass grass species from Bermuda grass, Blue grass, tall fescue and Rye grass in measured amounts from .5 lbs to 8.5 lbs per 1000 sq. ft.

Aerocore Aerator
John Deere cam driven core aerator provides core aeration of up to 4" depth . Maximizes core spacing by ground speed of tractor. Can also be used with solid tines.

Aerway Slice Aerator
Economical aeration in hard ground that can provide aeration holes of up to 8" deep

Reel mowing and rotary mower service also available.

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