Natural Turf Management

Capitol Sports Fields Aerification

Capitol Sport Fields Aerification

The benefits of this process include better air exchange, increased infiltration, stimulated root growth, and thatch control. Our PTO driven implements allow for customized hole spacing, size, and depth. This process is key to natural turf maintenance.

Capitol Sports Fields Overseeder

Capitol Sport Fields Overseeder

Our overseeding techniques utilize machines that assure uniform distribution and maximize seed to soil contact. This results in a field with improved appearance and play-ability during periods when the Bermuda grass is dormant. This results in a field with better grass cover. Great for overseeding Bermuda or establishing cool season grasses.

Capitol Sports Fields Sodding

Capitol Sport Fields Sodding

We can install the highest quality sod on any athletic field construction or renovation project. The types of sod that we install for athletic field construction projects include Bluegrass, Bermuda, and Fescue. Our professional staff can help you determine which type of sod will be the best choice for your athletic field application.

Let the athletic field experts at Capitol Sports Fields provide you with our full range
of Natural and Artificial Turf Services.

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