SMG Renomatic

The RenoMatic RM1400 is able to remove sand and/or rubber granulate effectively
and exactly dosed / regulated from artificial turf pitches.

SMG Renomatic
The powerful attachment with a working width of 1400mm will be connected to the tractor by a 3-point hydraulic power lift.

The auger is driven by the hydraulic feed of the tractor; the two rotating prong shafts and the brush are driven by the provided cardan shaft of the tractor.

The in-fill material will be loosened and removed gently by both prong shafts. A subsequent rotary brush collects the removed in-fill material. The adjustable auger transports the in-filling material.

SMG Renomatic Excellent results will be achieved because of the precisely adjustable working depth of the prong shafts and the subsequent rotary brush. Hence the in-fill material will be removed best possible from the pile of the artificial turf.

The closed auger system enables the precise emission of the material into a transport vehicle or directly into the BigBag, even in case of high wind.

The chassis of the RenoMatic RM1400 can be easily removed for control, service and adjusting jobs.

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