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For the cleaning and maintenance of sand and rubber filled artificial turf surfaces.

Turfcare The ground driven SMG TurfCare TCA1400 from SMG cleans and maintains the surface of sand and rubber filled synthetic turf pitches.The wheel drive makes the equipment independent from any hydraulic or power shaft drives. Therefore the TurfCare can be pulled by various vehicles such as small compact tractors or quads.

The rotary brush straightens up the turf fibers and in the same process, gathers up all kind of dirt particles.

The working depth can be precisely set and locked via two adjusting spindles.

The two screens act as dirt trays. The vibrating screen can be precisely adjusted with variable settings from 4-10 mm depending on the degree of pollution and the grid size of the infilling material.

For the pass of narrow doorways the two transport rollers can be fold out and the tow bar can be raised up.

A trailing brush row levels the infilling material and with a gentle action, lightly works it back into the artificial turf.

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